Quick Takes: David Ndii on COVID-19 Economic Impact



– Proposes a life-line fund as a macro intervention
– Moratorium: We don’t the fiscal space to borrow and spend domestically. That’s where the IMFs are coming in
– People are challenging this not because they don’t agree but just because they don’t like the guy who came up with it.
– The biggest challenge if this crisis goes on for a couple of months will not be generosity, the real challenge will be scarcity. We don’t have the capacity to support the people in the informal settlement. We should have decongested the city when we were ahead of the virus.
– I see this as the end of [western] imperialism that started with slavery. You’re going to see a lot of diversity in Africa.
– Coronavirus will the final nail on this sought of infrastructure-led economic growth. People who have been saying that infrastructure is the next best thing after bread will find it hard to sell that gospel after this (crisis).
– Coronavirus has shown that nobody is really that developed against the force of nature.
– Social capital in our communities is our biggest strength.

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